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How to Speed Up Games With Lulubox in 3 Steps



One of the top features you get after you download Lulubox on your Android phone is the ability to boost gaming speed. You’ll see less lagging, improved performance, and a more enjoyable experience. You can apply it to a single game, or across all of the apps on your device.

Here’s how you can speed up games with Lulubox quickly and easily.

  1. Update the game with the latest patch

    How to Speed Up Games With Lulubox

    Sometimes, the game may be slow due to internal issues that the developers need to fix. There are times when they release patches to improve performance and remove glitches. You should ensure that you have the latest update for the game before you apply the booster.

  2. Locate the game

    How to Speed Up Games With Lulubox

    Next, you’ll need to enter Lulubox and access your game library. You’ll see all the apk files in a list, where you’ll be able to select the one you want to boost. We recommend only boosting the one you plan on playing next and not others for the time being. It will prevent potential conflicts and issues.

  3. Apply Game Booster

    How to Speed Up Games With Lulubox

    When you select the icon, you’ll see a list of options appear. Right near the bottom, you’ll see a slide for Game Booster. You’ll need to switch this on if you want to improve performance for the selected title. If you won’t be playing it again for a while, remember to turn it off.

Fast and furious gaming

Now that you know how to speed up games with Lulubox, you’ll be shooting and racing with smooth performance on your Android device. You may have an advantage over other players who haven’t learned this method yet. Be a good pal and let your friends know, though.

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